July 25, 2023

Rediscover the Joy of Business Travel

When COVID-19 shook the world in March 2020, the whole concept of the 5-day road warrior was flipped on its head. Suddenly, companies were moving meetings online, setting up virtual happy-hours, and creating new ways to connect. With the dark days of the pandemic behind us, business travel is rebounding, but not nearly to the degree experts thought it would. There's a few reasons why we think so.

More $$$, More Time

It's no secret that the pandemic changes aspects of the global economy. What's become increasingly clear is that airfare, especially from small and medium-sized airports, has gone up exponentially. According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, airfare rose 42% in 2022 year-over-year. Adding to the increased costs, reduced airline schedules have led to fewer flight options, longer connections, and more time spent in airports.

Staffing Shortages Cause Delays and Stress

Simply do a Google search for "airline staffing shortages" and you'll come across a plethora of articles from Axios, The Points Guy, Fortune, and more. Every industry expert agrees that staffing shortages caused by voluntary retirements, forced layoffs, and more during 2020 have created a severe strain on the system. While front-line positions, such as airline customer service and ramp agents, have increased in numbers, the problem lies in the training-heavy fields of pilots, flight attendants, and air traffic controllers. Pilots alone need over 1,500 hours in order to qualify for a career with the major airlines - certainly not an easy feat for any aspiring left seater. Air traffic control shortages have led to hours-long delays at major airports, causing airlines with fortress hubs in cities like Newark and Chicago to have days-long backups and irregular operations.

Making Things Better

Despite challenges facing the aviation industry, businesses still need to travel. Deals need to be closed, networking needs to be done, and people need to connect. That's why Clearpoint Business Group is excited to offer our new Travel Management Services to businesses and professionals.

With Travel Management Services, Clearpoint Business Group takes an active role in the end-to-end lifecycle of your corporate travel program. We work with your company to create travel programs that enhance business rather than detract from it. With negotiated contracts with major airline, hotel, and car rental partners, we can help you get the best deal while maximizing your time and efforts.

The real magic comes when your travel journey starts. When your employees travel, dedicated experts at Clearpoint Business Group monitor your employees' travel and proactively look for and solve any issues that could impact travel. Thanks to our in-house knowledge and proprietary technology, we have the ability to predict delays and cancellations before airlines officially post notices. We can work with your travelers to predict accurate departure times, find alternate flights in the event of disruptions, and arrange for accommodations with the airline. It's like having an elite customer service agent in your employee's pockets!

Travel Management Services can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business, offering the following services and benefits:

  • Up to 30% off best available rate hotel accommodations worldwide with additional property-specific benefits
  • Discount and priority packages for domestic and global airfare
  • Proactive Concierge services updating passengers on delays, cancellations, and flight disruptions and providing rebooking assistance
  • Corporate travel spend management and data reporting

Contact us today to learn more about how we're making business travel better!